Prep Baseball Report

2024 Preseason All-State, Underclass: Data Dive

Diego Solares
Central Region Director of Media, Scouting

On Feb. 24th, the Prep Baseball Illinois staff hosted the Preseason All-State, Underclass at The MAX in McCook, Ill. Over 130 players participated in a pro-style workout, gathering unrivaled access to data through our state-of-the-art tech partners, as well as in-depth scouting analysis from our Prep Baseball Illinois staff.

Yesterday, we looked at the top measurable data performers from the event, found in our Statistical Analysis, where we broke down the stat leaders from the more traditional categories.

Now, we will take a further in-depth look at some of the top prospects with the help from our tech partnerships:


+ There is only one sophomore in the entire Prep Baseball system that owns a 100+ mph max exit velocity, runs faster than a 6.70 60, and has a max throwing velocity above 85 mph: OF Nolan Ramoley (Brother Rice, 2026). Packed with strength at 6-foot-1, 205-pounds, Ramoley’s tools legitimately beam off the charts. He ran a 6.52 in the 60-yard dash with a 1.58 10-yard split and reached a peak run speed of 20.7 mph, both of which were the event’s highest marks and are well above-average metrics for someone of any aged high schooler, let alone a sophomore. To add onto his physical profile as a whole, Ramoley jumped 33.9” in the vertical test and also recorded the second highest weighted grip strength marks with both his right (196 lbs) and left (177 lbs) hand. Turning to the plate, Ramoley blasted the day’s hardest batted ball (104.3 mph) and his average mark of 96.1 mph was the second highest mark of the event. Seven of his 10 batted balls came off his barrel at 95+ mph, including three at 100+ mph, and he averaged an estimated 280 feet per batted output, which nearly came in as the day’s top mark. Ramoley’s Blast Motion swing metrics are all off the charts as well - his peak hand speed (25.8 mph), average hand speed (23.8 mph), peak bat speed (84.5 mph), and average bat speed (81.6 mph) are all extremely advanced. To top it all off, Ramoley’s arm played plenty loud from the outfield, peaking at 92 mph on his firmest throw to the plate.

+ Another explosive performance on Saturday came from fellow sophomore OF/RHP Frank Costabile (Stevenson, 2026), who’s tools and sheer power production rival that of anyone in the state. Athletically, Costabile is a 6.80 runner that gets off the line quickly (1.63 10-yard) with the ability to produce high-end burst in a quick window (34.2” vert, 2.92 RSI score). He flashed bat strength at the plate, barreling his firmest ball up at 97.1 mph while swatting his furthest to straight away center field at an estimated 351 feet, per TrackMan. Costabile’s loudest tool, however, is his arm, and it showed quickly from the outfield - he reached 98 mph from the outfield on Saturday, which is the highest mark we’ve seen across our winter circuit. To take it one step further, Costabile is one of two 2026 graduates in our entire Prep Baseball system, nationwide, to have a max throwing velocity at 98 mph or higher. After that, the 5-foot-9, 165-pound sophomore jumped on the mound and worked in the strike zone with his fastball at 90-91 mph, touching 91.8 mph at peak. His slider has wipeout potential; it played at 79-82 mph in this ‘pen and reached 16.9 inches of horizontal movement at max, while also being able to land it around the zone consistently. He killed spin on his changeup and threw it from a similar arm angle on average to his fastball at 80-82 mph.

+ Few boast the sheer physicality at the plate in the Midwest that 3B/OF TJ McQuillan (Mount Carmel, 2026; Louisville commit) does. At 6-foot-1, 215-pounds, the left-handed hitting Louisville commit blistered baseballs on repeat throughout BP at Saturday’s event. He averaged an event-best 98.4 mph per batted ball, with eight of his 10 swings resulting in exit velocities at 96+ mph. Five of those eight came off his bat at 100+ mph, including a 102.4 mph high. McQuillan comfortably produced the furthest batted ball of the event (381 ft.) and he had four other outputs that traveled more than 340 feet into the right-center gap. All of his Blast Motion metrics are highly advanced; 24.6 mph average hand speed, 77.1 mph average bat speed, and 32.1 g of rotational acceleration on average. To add onto his pure physicality, McQuillan led all those in attendance in grip strength with both his right (198) and left (183) hand. He put up numbers in other aspects of his workout too, as he ran a 7.04 60-yard dash, was up to 89 mph from the outfield, and also peaked at 86 mph on his hardest throw across the infield.

+ Saturday served as a breakout for RHP/OF Ian Campbell (Joliet Catholic, 2026), as the 6-foot-3, 220-pound sophomore showed high-end power on both sides of the ball. At the plate, Campbell juiced his firmest ball at 102.8 mph, with his two other loudest barrels coming off his bat at 97.2 and 100.5 mph, and his furthest ball traveled 354 feet to straight away center field. With that, Campbell’s Blast Motion swing metrics are hard to miss - his peak hand speed (28.4 mph), average hand speed (27 mph), peak bat speed (86.5 mph) and average bat speed (81.9 mph) were all event highs. Campbell topped at 90 mph from the outfield and his fastball sat 89-91 mph in his ‘pen.

+ One of the event’s top two-way performers was 6-foot-2, 198-pound OF/RHP Keaton Reinke (St. Charles North, 2026). It’s easy to see why Reinke’s had success on the gridiron for St. Charles North’s football team given his athletic measurables; 6.81 60-yard dash, 1.64 10-yard split, 31.9” vertical jump. His three hardest barrels came off his bat at 95.1, 95.7, and 97.2 mph, and his furthest traveled to straight away center field an estimated 347 feet, per TrackMan. Reinke’s power showed in his arm as well - he was up to 95 mph from the outfield and pumped his fastball at 87-91 mph on the mound later in the event.

+ Another two-way standout from Saturday’s All-State was INF/RHP Drew Borkowski III (Huntley, 2026), who also stood out at the McHenry Preseason ID earlier this winter. At 6-foot-1, 168-pounds, Borkowski flashed bat strength at the plate with a max exit velocity of 99.1 mph and peak batted distance at 355 feet. He tied for the event lead in max infield velocity (T92 mph) and that arm strength showed on the mound too, pitching at 88-90 mph with his fastball. Borkowski’s slider showed heavy horizontal action; he threw it at 75-76 mph and reached -20.8 inches of horizontal movement at its’ peak, the highest mark of the event.

+ C Adam Swanson (Ottawa Township, 2026) swings a fast, highly physical right-handed barrel that produced some of the loudest contact we saw this past weekend. Plenty strong at 5-foot-10, 187-pounds, Swanson barreled eight balls in BP at 94+ mph, with his three highest coming off his bat at 98.3, 98.7, and 99.9 mph. Swanson’s average exit velocity (95.1 mph) and max exit velocity (99.9 mph) each came in fourth, respectively, on our TrackMan hitting leaderboards. He’s a standout athlete too, bolting to a 6.71 time in the 60-yard dash with a 1.61 10-yard split, 20 mph max run speed, and 35.9” vertical jump. To cap off a highly impressive day, Swanson led all catchers in throwing velocity (80 mph) and pop times (1.87-2.00).

OF Logan Fernandez (Mount Carmel, 2026) and INF Joey Ireland (Mount Carmel, 2026) are two more highly athletic sophomores of note from this event:

+ Fernandez, at 5-foot-10, 168-pounds, reached a max run speed of 20.4 mph en route to a 6.68 60-yard dash and also jumped 34.1” in the vertical with one of the day’s better RSI scores (2.73) as well. He was on the barrel often in BP, producing eight barrels at 90+ mph in BP with a max mark at 94.8 mph. Additionally, Fernandez had the highest composite Vizual Edge score (88.81) of the entire event.

+ Ireland, one of the top sophomores in the state, has always shown our staff high level athleticism. The 6-foot, 163-pound Illinois’ commit ran a 6.71 60 on Saturday, posting a 1.61 10-yard split while reaching 20.1 mph of run speed at peak. He also jumped 33.4” in the vertical and had the third highest RSI score (3.04) of the event. Eight of Ireland’s barrels came off his bat at 90+ mph, including a high mark of 96.1 mph.

+ OF Josh Colaizzi (Barlett, 2026) is another sophomore with noteworthy tools in various aspects of his workout. A strong-bodied, compact athlete at 5-foot-9, 185-pounds, Coalizzi posted a 1.65 10-yard split and ran a 6.78 in the 60-yard dash, jumping 32.5” in our vertical jump test as well. Coalizzi’s hardest ball came off his barrel at 96.7 mph, averaging 87.7 mph per batted ball, and he also peaked at 93 mph from the outfield - one of the day’s highest marks.

+ INF Jory Crocker (Willowbrook, 2026) really looks the part in a uniform, standing at a long-limbed and highly projectable 6-foot, 171-pounds. Crocker ran a 6.88 in the 60 with a 1.66 10-yard split and he reached 19.8 mph at peak. He had the highest vertical jump of the day (36.2”) and his RSI score (2.87) - which is a jump test that measures how fast you’re able to produce power - was also one of the day’s best marks. Crocker averaged 89.4 mph per batted ball, peaking at 93.7 mph, he touched 87.2 mph on the mound, and his hardest throw across the infield came in at 86 mph.

+ The top sophomore in the state, and No. 14 overall in the country, INF Ethan Bass (Glenbrook North, 2026; Illinois commit) has tools across the board. He had eight batted balls come off his barrel at 90+ mph in BP, peaking at 95.6 mph, and his furthest batted ball traveled 346 feet. Additionally, Bass ran a 6.92 60, jumped 32.5” in our vertical jump test, and he topped at 89 mph across the infield.

+ There’s no shortage of strength and power with 6-foot-3, 206-pound 1B Travis Dudycha (Huntley, 2026). At that size, Dudycha ran a 7.05 60 and jumped 32.5 inches in the vertical jump. He took a loud round of BP, producing seven barrels at 90+ mph, and he squared his hardest ball up at 99.1 mph.

+ Another physical right-handed hitter with impressive data from this past weekend is C/1B Dylan Kassab (Hinsdale Central, 2026). The 5-foot-10, 190-pound sophomore produced seven batted ball outputs at 94+ mph, with three at 97+ mph that includes a 97.7 mph high. Kassab’s Blast Motion metrics, on average, are all advanced for his age; average hand speed (23.5 mph), average bat speed (75.6 mph) and average rotational acceleration (23.1 g). Defensively, Kassab peaked at 78 mph from the chute - one of the day’s hardest throws - and he popped in the 2.00-to-2.05 range.

+ Long known to our staff for his pitchability, LHP Ian Tosi (Mount Carmel, 2026) saw an uptick in velocity on Saturday. His fastball sat 86-87 mph, up from the 80-82 mph we saw at the Illinois State Games in August, but the metrics behind his heater made it one of the more analytically impressive pitches of the event. Tosi averaged 20.5 inches of vertical break on the pitch, staying behind it and back spinning it up in the zone to create natural carry. He turned over a changeup at 73-75 mph that played with 16 inches of horizontal movement on average as well, while also spinning a short wrinkle breaking ball at 66-68 mph.

+ Another top arm in the state’s sophomore group, RHP Connor Elenteny (Mount Carmel, 2026) flashed carry at peak on his fastball (T18.3” IVB) at 88-89, T90 mph. Elenteny’s curveball played with sharp spin at nearly 2500 RPM, averaging -16 inches of horizontal movement from a similar release height to his fastball. His changeup also showed heavy horizontal action (T17.1”) at 77-79 mph.

+ RHP Joe Kelly (Loyola Academy, 2026) threw his fastball at 84-86 mph while averaging 16 inches of horizontal movement on the pitch, the second-highest mark of the event. Off that, Kelly consistently landed a tight 3-74 mph slider for strikes at 2500+ RPM. To round out his arsenal, he effectively limited both spin and lift on a 75-78 mph changeup that averaged 15.2 inches of horizontal movement.

+ There’s plenty to like on the mound with LHP Samuel Chin (St. Laurence, 2026), starting with the 5-foot-11, 148-pound southpaw’s ability to spin a breaking ball. He consistently landed a 68-70 mph breaking ball for strikes that averaged 2624 RPM, peaking at 2723 RPM. Being able to spin the baseball at a high rate is typically an indicator of future velocity and it’s something we’re personally expecting from Chin, who’s fastball currently sits at 82-83 mph. Additionally, Chin’s changeup showed heavy horizontal movement at peak (T17.7”) at 78-79 mph.

+ RHP James Wasson (Nazareth Academy, 2027) spins everything in his arsenal at a high rate. The 6-foot-5, 195-pound freshman threw a straight, four-seam fastball at 85-86 mph that peaked at 2554 RPM. He spun two different breaking balls that each averaged more than 16 inches of horizontal movement; a 69-71 mph curveball at 2464 RPM on average and a more firm 73-75 mph slider that averaged 2443 RPM.

Two of the state’s top freshman were in attendance on Saturday and they each showed loud tools on both sides of the ball, but especially on the mound, in RHP Cole Ruggeri (Waubonsie Valley, 2027; Mizzou commit) and RHP Kaden Wasniewski (McHenry, 2027):

+ Ruggeri led the entire event in average batted distance (280 feet) with four different batted balls that traveled more than 335 feet, including a max mark of 350 feet, which led all 2027s at this event. Ruggeri also showed some of the day’s more impressive velocity, pumping his fastball at 88-90 mph while consistently landing a 69-71 mph breaking ball for strikes.

+ Wasniewski keeps trending up after a highly productive winter. He ran a 7.05 60, jumped 30.6 inches in the vertical, and he tied for the hardest throw across the infield of the entire event at 92 mph. On the mound, Wasniewski ran his fastball up to 90, pitching at 87-89 mph, with ride (18.3” VB) and run (18.9” HM) at peak. He also threw a tight, firm slider at 78-80 mph while also showing natural run and fade (17.1” HM avg) on a changeup at 80-82 mph.

+ We also saw the state’s top freshman on Saturday, and another highly regarded name on a national scale, in OF Sebastian Wilson (Lane Tech, 2027; Tennessee commit). Wilson continues to impact the baseball at a high rate with six barrels at 90+ and his three hardest balls coming off his bat at 95.1 mph, 95.7 mph, and 97.7 mph. Wilson also had the second hardest throw home from the outfield amongst 2027 grads in attendance, topping at 88 mph.

+ One of the top prospects in the state’s current freshman class, OF Andrew Talbert (Byron, 2027) produced high level outputs in multiple areas of his workout on Saturday. Talbert peaked at 95 mph from the outfield, finishing second at the event, though comfortably first in terms of 2027 prospects. Talbert also ran a 6.94 60-yard dash, with a 1.65 10-yard split, and he jumped an absurd 35 inches in the vertical jump.

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