Prep Baseball Report

NC/SC Border Battle: Quick Hitters SC Upper Class Hitters

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

June begins the summer circuit for recruiting and player evaluation.  One event that has become a "must" for players, coaches, and scouts in the Carolinas is the NC/SC Border Battle.  This year's event took returned to UNC Charlotte's Robert and Mariam Hayes Stadium for two days of action, featuring 130 of the best players in NC and SC.  They did not disappoint. 

On Tuesday June 11th, the position players went through their offensive and defensive evaluations.  North Carolina worked out first taking multiple rounds of BP, followed by their defensive evaluations and athletic testing.  As North Carolina finished, South Carolina started with their athletic testing, defensive evals, and finally their offensive evaluation.  Coaches and scouts were able to see multiple rounds of BP from each player plus see them move around at their primary defensive position, getting a feel for their athleticism and feel for the game.

Wednesday June 12th was game day.  Each player was scheduled to play in one 9 inning game with pitchers throwing live to hitters.  In total, NC and SC squared off in 4 exciting games and the roster of the top players in the two states put on a show.

Below we begin the process of unpacking everything we saw at the high level event.  From stats to player notes, to a deep dive into some analytics, we will work to uncover everything these players did and all the numbers they put up at the two day event.  To see the full roster and full statistical package, CLICK HERE.

By the Numbers:

      • 5 Players ran under 6.74 on the laser timing system
      • 22 Players ran 7.00 or under
      • 39 Players tested their vertical jump at 30in or above
      • 20 Players saw at least one of their splits come in at 20mph or higher
      • 17 Infielders saw their arm strength at 85mph or higher across the diamond
      • 6 Outfielders tested with arm strength at 90mph or higher
      • 13 Catchers posted a pop timed of 2.00 or under in the workout
      • 5 hitters saw an exit velocity of 100mph or higher
      • 78 hitters peaked their exit velocity at 90mph or better
      • 6 hitters carried an average exit velocity of better than 90mph over two rounds of 8 swings
      • 14 hitters posted a BLAST bat speed of 70mph or higher
      • 189.7psi was the top grip strength posted at the event
      • 89.3mph was the top fastball velocity
      • 10 arms were above 87mph on the day
      • 3 arms saw their fastball spin rate above 2400rpm
      • 2975rpm was the top breaking ball spin rate captured on the day
      • 1 committed player took part in the event

Quick Hitters SC Hitters - NC/SC Border Battle

2025 Class

Justin Sheffield, OF, Atlantic Collegiate 

5’10 196. Athletic frame with a feel for the barrel. Power is present with a max exit velo of 101.8 MPH along with a max exit distance  of 344 feet.  Showed good arm strength with a max velo from the OF up to 91 mph.

Cross Yarborough, C, P27

5’10 187. Strong athletic frame with a feel for the barrel. Power is present with a max exit velo of 98.9 MPH.  Had a top pop time from behind the plate at 1.87 while ranging from 1.87-2.02.

Joey McGovern, OF, Seneca HS

5’11 191. Physical frame with present strength.  Power is present with a max exit velo of 98.6 MPH and a max distance of 344 feet.  Also showed big arm strength from the OF while up to 93 mph.

Jackson Gordon, OF, Legion Collegiate

5’11 168. Wiry frame with good athleticism.  Good feel for the bat with a max exit velo of 97.7 MPH along with max distance of 355 feet.  Good speed while running a 6.92 60 on the swift laser gates.

Luke Godwin, INF, Greenwood HS

5’11 191. Strong frame with short compact swing.  Ability to drive the ball with a max exit velo of 96.8 MPH and a max exit distance of 364 feet.  Showed good athleticism while running a 6.91 60 and a max vertical jump of 31.2 inches.

Ayden Clay, OF, Pendleton HS

5’10 156. Wiry frame with good athleticsim.  Short compact swing max exit velo of 95.2 MPH along with a max hand speed on the blast sensors of 19.5.  Showed a good arm from the OF while up to 91 mph.

Jacob Mackara, OF, Bishop England

6’1 186. Physical frame with a feel for the barrel. Showed tha ability to drive the ball around the yard with max exit velo of 94.7 MPH along with showing of good arm strength from the OF while up to 90 mph.

Preston DeNapoli, 1B, Lucy Beckham

6’2 237. Physical frame with a feel for the barrel. Power is present with a max exit velo of 93.8 MPH along with a average exit velo of 85.6 MPH.

Bryan Franklin, INF, Blythewood HS 

6’0 170. Lean frame with athleticsim.  Good bat speed while producing a line drive approach.  Max hand speed of 22.1 and producing a max exit velo of 93.1 mph. 

Ryan Roggin, INF, Lucy Beckham

5’10 158. Lean frame with a short simle swing.  Athletic and quick twitched showed a max exit velo of 93.1 MPH along with a average exit velo of 92.5 MPH.

Chance Weathersbee, C, Fox Creek HS

5’9 162. Lean frame with a flat swing through the zone.  Line drive approach a max exit velo of 92.9 MPH along with a max distance of 341 feet.  Showed quick feet and exchanges while pop times ranged from 1.93-2.26.

Mac Dawsey, C, P27

6’1 192. Physical frame with a feel for the barrel. Strength is swing with a max exit distance of 365 feet.  Showed of good arm along with footwork while having a top pop time of 1.93. 

Joel Irizarry, C/3B, Fountian Inn HS

5’6 171. Arm showed well from INF up to 81 with accuracy, along with good throws down to 2B from behing the plate while ranging between 1.97-2.16 Exit velo peaked at 92.2 MPH.

Aaron Tolbert, C, Easley

5’8 165. Arm showed well from OF up to 84 with accuracy, along with good throws down to 2B from behing the plate while ranging between 2.0-2.04 Exit velo peaked at 92 MPH.

Tyler Bolemon, C, Southside Christian HS

6'0 183. Strong physical frame.  Arm and footwork showed well from behind the plate while ranging between 1.94-2.09.  Exit velo peaked at 91.6 MPH, while showing off good hand speed on blast at 23.7.

Julian Baldwin, OF, Daniel HS

5’11 183. Atjhletic physical frame.  Arm showed well from OF up to 90 with accuracy. Showed off a good short swing and exit velo peaked at 91.3 MPH.


5’10 175. Rhythmic in the box with a natural lift in his swing.  Exit velo peaked at 91.2 MPH.  Arm strength is present arm peaked at 87 across the diamond with good hands and footwork.

Brayden Robinson, 3B, South Florence HS

5’10 157. Wiry athletic frame.  Exit velo peaked at 950 MPH with a line drive gap to gap approach.  Showed off his versitility on the field with the ability to play the OF and behind the plate.  Also ran a 7.1 60

Gavin Squires, C

5’10 162.  Simple swing with good extension, likes to work in middle of field. Exit velo peaked at 90.4 MPH. Pop times ranged between 1.94-2.16

JD Murdock, C, Atlantic Collegiate

5’7 191. Middle of the field approach with carry in the gaps along with lift in his swing.  Bat speed maxed out at 75 MPH.  Exit Velo peaked at 87.5. 

Banks Knight, OF, Summerville HS

5’7 150. Athletic mover posted a 60 of 6.8, posted a vertical of 27.3 in. Arm peaked at 82 MPH from the outfield. Max exit velo was 86.8 MPH.