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2025 TN Rankings: Winter '22 Update

Colton Provey
TN Scouting Director

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As the holidays approach and players prep for the upcoming Spring, we expanded the 2025 TN Rankings to 150 prospects. Some flip flopping in the top ten as MINF Ryan Mitchell (Georgia Tech commit) closes out 2022 in the top spot.  The class currently features 11 D1 commits with plenty of uncommitted talent that could add to that number over the next year. There are nineteen new prospects to break into the Top 100 and fifty fresh faces overall. Below, we'll breakdown the top uncommitted prospects, newcomers, position groups, and sneak peak the Top 25. 

As always, the evaluation process is a fluid and ongoing process with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players abilities. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works.  As the year unfolds, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the PBR rankings universe.  In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Tennessee and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen. 

Look forward to more content covering the 2025 updated rankings and another update heading into the Spring season!


Top Uncommitted Arm

Aidan Niggl, RHP, Mt. Juliet, 2025
6-foot-3, 180-lb lean, projectable frame w/ long, lanky limbs and room to fill out. Showed flashes of a starter profile throughout the fall and expects to play a key role for Mt. Juliet this Spring. Long, loose arm action w/ good hip/shoulder separation. Quick tempo delivery and glides down the slope w/ square toe landing. Knocking on the door of 90, FB has been 85-89 w/ heaviness and some arm side run. Breaking ball has varied in shape and velo w/ some CB tendencies at 72-74 or SL at 76-78. Shown solid bite and flashes of late bite w/ some put away pitch projection. Also shown CH at 78-79 to round the mix. The ceiling is high with Niggl as he continues to fine tune his arsenal and find more consistency with his off speed. 

Top Uncommitted Bat

Malachai Halterman, UTL, McGavock, 2025
5-foot-9, 155-lb lean frame w/ uber athleticism and bounce. It's hard to imagine there is a position that is too much for Halterman to handle. He starred at Future Games playing all over the field and provides a powerful swing from a smaller frame. Tall, balanced stance w/ minimal hand load and toe tap stride. Gets great extension w/ whippy bat speed and slightly uphill plane. He sprayed fly balls and line drives to gap and showed pull side pop (T 343 ft). He can get a little big at times, but is a good ball striker (T92.8; Avg: 85.8 exit velo). Defensively, the tools to stay up the middle flashing great range (6.78 sixty) and top tier arm strength (91 INF velo). Could easily slot on the left side of the infield or CF at next level. Showed some value on the mound as he was 84-86 at Future Games w/ CB at 71-73. 


Top Uncommitted By Position:

Two Way: Malachai Halterman | Harrison Cassle | Breyden Turnage | Nathan Eisfelder | Cason Hill |

Pitchers: Aidan Niggl | Chandler Day | Ari Bethea | Matt Dill | Nolan Bernard | Chase Fernandez | Ean McCord | Nate Parsons | Jordan Jewell | Brycen McDonald |

C: Baylor Osborne | Brock Beddingfield | Rinaldo Matti | Reagan McCluskey | Gunnar Waldrop

CINF: Madden Williams | Carson Quillen | Nate Webb | Gray Eubanks | Bo Strickland

MINF: AJ Greene | Tyler Bennett | Carson Hoard | JD Whitworth | Cory Hoard |

OF: Justin Fallon | Kirk Weatherford | Ryan Stein | Ashton Kemp | Nolan Maloney |


Position Groups Breakdown

Deepest: Catchers. For the lack of depth in the 2024 class, I find this group to be extremely deep with options. Korbin Reynolds rose to number one after a strong TN State Games and committed to Vandy. Future Gamer Baylor Osborne slots in at #2, who saw time as a freshman and can handle the bat from the left side. After those two, I think there are 13 backstop prospects who will be good follows this Spring. There is even three sets of teammates who could potentially split time this Spring with Beddingfield/McCluskey, Money/Cumming, and Goolsby/Bearden. Not as splashy of a group as the SS, but plenty of options and much more shuffling to be done. 

Thinnest: Left Handed Pitchers. This might be one of the thinnest groups I've seen over the past few years. Only five primary lefties ranked in 150 spots, and none have gone over 85 on the mound. With that being said, I think Day, Gammon, and Crosby are very solid prospects, who have gotten innings early and have sound pitchability. However, this group really lacks depth and a home run prospect, so if you're a skilled left handed pitcher come find us in 2023. 

Keep Eyes On It: Shortstops. We've already seen four P5 commits in this class, which is also the top four overall prospects. I believe 5-10 is very solid with plenty of upside, but don't really see many of them being an everyday shortstop this Spring due to some deeper rosters. Halterman is currently at the top as a mega utility, who could probably play every position on the field and has the tools stick at SS with more reps. I believe we'll see some guys emerge, but gonna be interesting to see how these second tier of guys are gonna shake out. 

Arms Report: This will be a righty heavy group and I think there is some solid depth to carry the class overall. We saw a good chunk of these top 15 RHP contribute last Spring and all should see an expanded role in 2023. Aidan Niggl leads the pack and should see more innings with upside stuff and being more consistent with command. There will be plenty of shuffling as you can knit pick between one guy or the other, but guys will make jumps and I think they'll be some serious buzz surrounding RHP heading into the summer. As mentioned above southpaws are thin, but Chandler Day played a big role for Houston last Spring and we'll see if he can continue to distance himself at the top of the group. 


Top Uncommitted Fresh Face

Ryder Harville, RHP/SS, Hardin County, 2025
6-foot, 165-lb lean, athletic frame w/ some strength and room to add mass. Continued to grow and develop and has the looks of a break out this Spring for Hardin County as a two-way upside prospect. Leaning more towards the mound at the moment. Quick, up tempo delivery w/ long loose over the top slot. FB at 81-83 w/ feel for the zone and some arm side run. Some spin upside and late life. CB at 72-73 w/ good bite and shape. CH at 73-75 w/ some late fade and upside. Positionally, chance to play all over the infield. Above average arm strength, sound footwork and good glove presentation. At the plate, relaxed hands w/ balanced setup and small load. Generates fair bat speed w/ flashes of pop and more to project. 


Biggest Riser

Jack Wyatt, OF, Clarksville, 2025
6-foot, 155-lb narrow, slender build w/ athleticism and good projection to build. Raised his profile at TN State Games this fall w/ feel for barrel and just picked up hits in bunches during gameplay. Similar relaxed stance from both sides w/ balanced base. Minimal leg kick w/ simple load. Generates average bat speed w/ uphill plane & high finish. Pull to middle approach, looking to lift the ball into the gap. Favored the left side. Lacks pure power (T 84 exit velo), but more to project as frame develops more strength. Some rawness in the outfield, but athleticism balanced it out. Corner projection (7.50 sixty) w/ some CF potential. Short arm action w/ quick release from H 3/4 slot and solid arm strength (79 OF velo). 


Fresh Faces in Top 75

Dillon Adkins | Ryder HarvilleJD Whitworth | Rashad Humphrey | Hiram Lewis | Alec Wilson | Noah Lowry | Cash Money | John Brannen


TENNESSEE 2025: Top 25

1 Ryan Mitchell TN Houston 2025 SS Georgia Tech
2 Cole Pippenger TN Coffee County Central 2025 SS Mississippi State
3 Gabe Boyd TN Christian Brothers  2025 SS Mississippi State
4 Alexander Peck TN University School of Nashville 2025 SS Arkansas
5 Grayson Burleson TN Summertown  2025 RHP Vanderbilt
6 Graham Jones TN Daniel Boone  2025 RHP Tennessee
7 Dillon Adkins TN Baylor School 2025 OF Tennessee
8 Hutson Chance TN Christ Presbyterian Academy 2025 OF Tennessee
9 Malachai Halterman TN McGavock 2025 SS  
10 Christopher Moore TN McCallie  2025 RHP Virginia Tech
11 Justin Fallon TN Upperman 2025 OF  
12 Aidan Niggl TN Mount Juliet 2025 RHP  
13 Korbin Reynolds TN Clarksville  2025 C Vanderbilt
14 Baylor Osborne TN Mount Juliet 2025 C  
15 Chandler Day TN Houston 2025 LHP  
16 Ari Bethea TN Collierville 2025 RHP  
17 Kirk Weatherford TN Clarksville 2025 OF  
18 Matt Dill TN The Baylor School 2025 RHP  
19 Nolan Bernard TN McCallie 2025 RHP  
20 Harrison Cassle TN Clarksville Academy 2025 RHP  
21 Breyden Turnage TN Dyersburg 2025 RHP  
22 Nathan Eisfelder TN Providence Academy 2025 OF  
23 Chase Fernandez TN Stewarts Creek  2025 RHP  
24 Ean McCord TN Davidson Academy 2025 RHP  
25 AJ Greene TN Collierville  2025 SS

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