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Position Groups Breakdown: December 2022

Colton Provey
TN Scouting Director

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Over the past month, we've released the end of the year Rankings for all TN classes, and during those releases we highlighted position group breakdowns. We previously discussed the 2024 and 2025 groups, but we wanted to expand to all four classes. Clearly each class is in a very different point in their recruiting stage, but it's fun to look at uncommitted prospects and assist coaches searching for specific positions. 

Uncommitted 2023

Deepest: Outfielders. This group looked much different at the end of summer, but some re-opened recruitments have turned this into a log jam at the top. Caleb Hampton (Baylor) tops the list, who has high ceiling tools and is coming off a big season on the gridiron (State title, Championship MVP, and Mr. Football finalist) while seeking dual-sport opportunities. Jordan Carter (GCA) is another strong, power bat with speed upside and consistently produces offensively. Brett Rogers (Silverdale) quarterbacked this Fall and stands out as the top uncommitted lefty bat in the class. Jaxon Sheffield missed time last Spring, but looks to continue to make a statement this Spring. The next handful of options features a lot of athleticism and some well rounded tools: Ben Daniel (Ensworth), Andrew Gaughan (Father Ryan), Andrew Dingus (Tennessee), and Sam Thomas (FACS). The next duo is a pair of East TN lefty bats who logged a lot of at bats last Spring with Sam Cecil (CAK) and Ian Hubbard (Knoxville Catholic). It's hard to argue the top three guys aren't D1 caliber prospects, but given the recruiting timeline, this deep group will have a lot of action come this Spring. 

Thinnest: Left Handed Pitchers. Overall, this might be one of the most stacked position group TN has seen in a while, BUT there are already fifteen D1 commits and the market only has so much room. Ashton Slack (Farragut) was a big time climber this Fall and looks poised for the defending champs. Jake Cardin (Giles County) had a strong showing at TN State Games and showed quality pitchability with more velo in the tank. Following that pair, there is a bit more uncertainty with guys that will look to make a jump this Spring to lock in a commitment. 

Keep Eyes On It: Top 100 Players. It's been an unprecedented recruiting period for the 2023 class and there are a plethora of talented uncommitted players sprinkled throughout the TN Top 300; however, the Top 100 currently features 24 uncommitted prospects looking for the best fit. This number is certainly elevated compared to past years, so it should lead to an exciting Spring season with players continuing to elevate their overall profile. The Top 100 will play a huge role because as the dominos begin to fall other players will find their place.

Arms Report: Very healthy batch of arms that are still on the board. RHP Dean McCalla (Houston) headlines the group after serving as the Mustangs ace and was 86-90 last Spring plus has a great frame to build on. RHP Connor Martin played a vital role to helping lead Goodpasture to a state title and after minor injury this summer will look to do the same this Spring. RHP Braxton Orr might have the highest ceiling (plus two-way upside), but some untimely injuries have limited him over the past year. RHP Jacob Conquest (Greenbrier) topped 92 at 2021 Future Games, but had a disappointing Spring and looks for a bounce back year. Next is a pair of tall, projectable mid to upper 80s arm with RHP Jase Phillips (East Hamilton) and RHP Adam Baker (Hardin Valley). Even after you get out the Top 100 there are plenty of quality arms on the board. 


Uncommitted 2024

Deepest: Middle Infielders. This class has always shown top end talent with eight D1 commits already (compared to fourteen in 2023 class), but the next tier of uncommitted talent continues to rise. The top 6-8 middle infield guys will all be worth a hard look this Spring and more will emerge to give this spot more depth. Chance to be a very impressive list when it's all said and done. 

Thinnest: Catchers. It's hard to find a pulse on this position group as I believe the depth of 2022 & 2023s have limited chances for the development here. Layne Akers (Siegel) stands out as the best pure catcher in the class, but behind him there are a lot of two-way guys or players that have been forced to play other positions during the Spring/Summer. This Spring will be huge as this group will continue to evolve, but it will be interesting to see who will be the breakout catching prospect(s) in 2023.

Keep Eyes On It: Two-Way Players. Usually, two-way guys begin to trickle off as guys develop, but it seems this class still has a lot to be determined. Bradley Pippin (Riverdale), Cade Batchelor (Maryville), and Evan Bloomer (FACS) lead the uncommitted options, but the back half of the Top 100 is littered with two-way upside prospects. It will be interesting to follow which way they'll break over the next year. 

Arms Report: There has been very little movement in the arms department, but there is a steady crop of guys waiting in the wings. There are seven uncommitted righties in the upper 80s, but probably a collection of 25+ players looking to make the next jump out of the mid 80s. For southpaws, it's been more lean than past years (2023 is absolutely stacked), but there is some new blood in the system with Adam Gausman (Lipscomb Academy) and Ryan Wallace (Farragut), plus all eyes will be on Tomas Valincius's velo jump after starring with the bat last Spring. 


Uncommitted 2025

Deepest: Catchers. For the lack of depth in the 2024 class, I find this group to be extremely deep with options. Korbin Reynolds (Clarksville) rose to number one after a strong TN State Games and committed to Vandy. Future Gamer Baylor Osborne (Mt Juliet) slots in at #2, who saw time as a freshman and can handle the bat from the left side. After those two, I think there are 13 backstop prospects who will be good follows this Spring. There is even three sets of teammates who could potentially split time this Spring with Brock Beddingfield/Reagan McCluskey (CPA), Cash Money/Carter Cumming (Independence), and Peyton Goolsby/Tucker Bearden (Arlington). Not as splashy of a group as the SS, but plenty of options and much more shuffling to be done. 

Thinnest: Left Handed Pitchers. This might be one of the thinnest groups I've seen over the past few years. Only five primary lefties ranked in 150 spots, and none have gone over 85 on the mound. With that being said, I think Chandler Day (Houston), Bennett Gammon (Smith County), and Corbin Crosby (Lipscomb Academy) are very solid prospects, who have gotten innings early and have sound pitchability. However, this group really lacks depth and a home run prospect, so if you're a skilled left handed pitcher come find us in 2023. 

Keep Eyes On It: Shortstops. We've already seen four P5 commits in this class, which is also the top four overall prospects. I believe 5-10 is very solid with plenty of upside, but don't really see many of them being an everyday shortstop this Spring due to some deeper rosters. Malachai Halterman (McGavock) is currently at the top as a mega utility, who could probably play every position on the field and has the tools stick at SS with more reps. I believe we'll see some guys emerge, but gonna be interesting to see how these second tier of guys are gonna shake out. 

Arms Report: This will be a righty heavy group and I think there is some solid depth to carry the class overall. We saw a good chunk of these top 15 RHP contribute last Spring and all should see an expanded role in 2023. Aidan Niggl (Mt Juliet) leads the pack and should see more innings with upside stuff and being more consistent with command. There will be plenty of shuffling as you can knit pick between one guy or the other, but guys will make jumps and I think they'll be some serious buzz surrounding RHP heading into the summer. As mentioned above southpaws are thin, but Chandler Day played a big role for Houston last Spring and we'll see if he can continue to distance himself at the top of the group. 


Uncommitted 2026

Deepest: Middle Infielders. There are 12 prospects listed in the initial Top 40 and half of those guys are on the front half on the rankings. Jack Dugan (Lipscomb Academy) leads the pack plus committed to Tennessee in August. Cole Resue (Science Hill) has a chance to contribute this Spring plus two-way upside. Ryan Edwards (Webb Bell Buckle) played last year as an 8th grader and will play a key role. I really like this initial group and it will be a good one to follow over the next few years.

Thinnest: Corner Infielders. Definitely some quality players listed, but just very little quantity (3 1B and 1 3B). Brady Fronabarger (Crockett Co.) is at the top and presents good two way upside, doubling as a southpaw. Mikee Teasley (Bearden) is the only 3B prospect and also has shown good upside on the mound. Collin Bland (Houston) is a big, strong lefty bat and might have the best current power in the class. Ian Weaver (Lincoln Co.) is similar to Fronabarger as a righty hitter and left arm in the low 80s. Obviously very very early, lot of room for expansion at the corner infield spots. 

Keep Eyes On It: Spring Contributors. An interesting thing with this class as we've already seen several players contribute to high school varsity clubs as 8th graders (Dugan, Dickey, Edwards, Skelton, Boles, etc.). As they head into their freshman season, early contributors are always noteworthy as you just can't replicate the at bats and challenges as it can expedite development and confidence heading into the summer. If a guy isn't getting varsity time as a freshman, it's not a huge deal as everyone's situation is different, but definitely something to watch this Spring.

Arms Report: Good news if you're in the 2026 recruiting market, there are no committed arms thus far, so the possibilities are endless. RHP Eli Dickey (CPA) leads the pack as he's been in the mid 80s with a high spin SL and looks to build on his resume this Spring. LHP Jameson Napper (GCA) is one of the biggest risers with strong showings this fall and will be a big weapon for the Lions this Spring. LHP Bo Holloway (Nolensville) will be another one to watch as a potential impact arm. RHP Adam Riley (Jo Byrns) has consistently been mid 80s and pitchability. This isn't accounting for two-way players who could lean mound in the future, but I think this group has the potential to shape up very nicely. 


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